The Ultimate Ambient Sound Generator.

AMBINATOR is a new kind of ambient sound generator. Use it for meditation, relaxation, or for just masking out unwanted sounds around you.

AMBINATOR produces continually evolving soundscapes. Use the built-in timer to play soothing sounds during meditation sessions or to get into the flow of a productive day.

Each of AMBINATOR's Spaces generates a uniquely evolving sonic experience in real time. The heart of AMBINATOR is the Traveler, a soft white sphere on the main screen. Place it manually in any position in the Space to modify the sound. Or let it go on its own sonic journey, creating a uniquely morphing mix of sound.

You'll find many uses for AMBINATOR, including relaxation, attention focus, power napping, deep meditation, mind travel, or for simply getting into the productive flow of concentrated, distraction-free creativity.


  • Library of 12 Sound Spaces with four matched audiophile-quality sounds each
  • Morph between sounds with simple finger swipe
  • Constantly-evolving soundscapes in the Traveler Mode
  • Custom made sounds by professional audio designers
  • Create your own spaces from the included sounds
  • Timer with audio fade-out
  • Simple, elegant design